Moriyón busca convertir la ciudad en una referencia con avances tangibles.

Moriyón busca convertir la ciudad en una referencia con avances tangibles.

Oviedo, 29 Jun.

In her speech at the event of the Gold and Silver Medals of the City and the titles of Adopted or Favorite Children on the occasion of the feast of San Pedro, the mayor of Gijón, Carmen Moriyón, has expressed her vision for the city she governs in the coming years. "Every time I am asked how I imagine the future, I think of tangible projects, real and recognizable advances that position our city as a reference," she said.

According to Moriyón, the people and organizations awarded are a "faithful reflection" of what Gijón means and serve to understand the city of Gijón as "diverse, a result of consensus and the ability to combine sensitivities without resorting to anger or apathy."

"The Gijón of tomorrow has already begun, and it is not about setbacks, but about gaining perspective and advancing in the same direction - the pride of being Gijoneses," emphasized the mayor. The Gold Medal of this year has been awarded to Semana Negra, the Silver Medals to Club Balonmano La Calzada, 30 Días en Bici, Australian Blonde, and the Adopted Son to Francisco Vizoso.

"In addition to gratitude and recognition, this event must serve as an example for the citizens, so that they identify role models, know the names of those who have given something exceptional to the city, those who have poured all their energies and efforts in favor of Gijón, and who have become references of the city, and symbols of identity of a collective that we all have reasons to be proud of," she said.